Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the many hues of me...

Today as I was sitting with some of my kids teaching them knock knock jokes, one of them exclaimed, "Teacher!  Your eyes!  They are brown.  And green. And yellow. And black!  So many colors!"

Imagine if you will, about four or five children  scrambling forward and getting VERY close to my face trying to stare into teacher Rhonda's sleepy eyes.  It was pretty funny though.  They then moved to my hair, lifting up various pieces and pointing out that I have at least four different colors also streaking through my mane.  They made the biggest fuss about the "black" (which is really medium brown) hidden underneath my illusion of blonde.  The first time this class saw my roots coming through they freaked out.

Never a dull moment.  My multi-shaded eyes and hair match my life at present. :)

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