Tuesday, January 26, 2010

eating my way through Taiwan

I had another fantastic weekend.  Spent some time sight-seeing with a friend from the states who was here visiting family.  We went to a famous dumpling house in Taipei called Din Tai Fung and the food there is amazing.  Not a huge pork fan, I have to say that I loved their famous pork dumplings.  I actually enjoyed them MORE than my vegetarian dumplings, which is hard to believe.  The dumplings are thin but loaded with juice and flavor.  It takes a little delicacy picking them up without bursting them open.  I also enjoyed a delicious shrimp soup.  I know I will go back again!




We did some shopping around Taipei and then I met up with another friend later.  On Sunday my friend and I went to a popular mall in Taipei where the tallest ferris wheel I've ever seen is housed.  After a beer and some positive self-talk (I hate feeling closed in) I braved it and we enjoyed the 17 minute ride, complete with an amazing view of the city.  None of the pictures turned out well but I'll take more next time.

My friend from the states brought me a couple boxes of Velveeta mac and cheese.  Let me just say that the stuff is evil.  I made a box this morning and inhaled it...can't remember the last time I had the sinful delight but wow.  I realized after that I had just consumed almost 1200 calories in one sitting.  Velveeta cheese should be outlawed...(though it's oh so tasty!):)

It made me realize that although I eat a lot in Taiwan, and there is food around every corner; the food here is just not as toxic as food back in the states.  Some may beg to differ upon catching a whiff of stinky tofu or taking in copious amounts of MSG but as greasy/salty as the food is here I still believe that we put way more chemicals/hormones in food back in the US.  I love the food here.  And while I enjoyed my box of mac and cheese it seems that my taste preferences have changed.  I wonder what I'll do when I go back to the states permanently and I don't have my dan chow fan stand right around the corner.

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