Monday, January 11, 2010

hot springs, suspension bridges, creepy neighbors

The guy downstairs is seriously creepy. I was outside folding up my umbrella when he opened his door and looked at me through the dark hallway.  He stared a few moments and then closed the door.  I always get this horrible feeling when I see him, kinda makes my hair stand on end.  A moment later he opens his door again, stares, closes it.  I fled up the staircase (it passes dangerously close to his apt) and I heard him open the door once more as soon as I hit my landing.  I hate having encounters with him ever since he flipped out that time in the alleyway.

Aside from that, it was a pretty good day at work. My older kids had to complete a page in their spelling packet in which they were asked to answer some questions about a cat wearing magical boots.  The object was to get them to use creativity along with their spelling words. One student said "But teacher, we do NOT have imaginations." :)  I told him that every person in the world has some kind of imagination to which he insisted he only has a little imagination.  Poor kids.  They really don't know how write creatively, which is something I'm trying to work on with them.

My weekend was wonderful. I went to Beitou with a friend I made a couple weeks ago on NYE.  We visited a few hot springs and had a relaxing time. I did say I didn't want to date in Taiwan but *maybe* my new friend has the potential to change this thought process.;)

Anyway, I had a nice time this weekend.  On Sunday I met my friend again and we visited Taipei 101 (it was a beautiful clear day) and then went up to this area called Bitan which is charming.  There's a lovely river where one can rent paddleboats and relax by various eateries or shops.  There's also a suspension bridge that's not for people afraid of heights.  Mom, you would hate it.  The bridge sways from side to side a little bit as you cross over the water but I enjoyed it and paused to take pictures.

Later, we rented a paddle boat and pedaled around a section of the river.  The bridges over the river are illuminated with brightly colored lights in the evening.  It was a great way to end the weekend.:)

View from the top of Taipei 101

 view of river from suspension bridge in Bitan



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