Tuesday, March 16, 2010

flower children

On Tuesdays most of my younger class is in Chinese school for the day.  So I'm left with three students.  After Phonics, we usually do an art project.  Today I had them make flowers and write words with long or short vowels on the petals. Aside from the student on the left abusing his flower, breaking the stem, and crying about it; the project went over smoothly. :)

I went to Costco today and a lime colored bag of green tea wasabi peanuts caught my eye.  As I waited for the cab outside the store, I shoved a handful into my mouth.  Big  mistake.  I thought I was going to choke but after my throat stopped burning and my eyes dried I decided that they were quite tasty.  One of my new favorite snacks in fact...:)


  1. I discovered your blog by accident, but I've pretty much gone through every post! My hometown is Hsinchu, so I really enjoyed it. It's making me a bit homesick!

    You seem be a Christian, so I was wondering if your explorations ever took you past Victory Church (勝利堂), which is Lutheran. It's the church I grew up attending, and it has an English service as well. It's not quite on Kuang-Fu Rd, but it is definitely visible from the road, and is across from Tsinghwa University, just east of the main gate. It's eight-stories tall with a huge cross on it.

    If you don't mind my asking, where do you teach? You might be teaching my sister!

  2. Thanks for your post and the church suggestion:)

    Where do you live now? I haven't been to Victory Church but I've seen the building and wondered about it. I'll have to check it out sometime.

    I don't really want to disclose where I'm working in this blog. It's a great school! However, you can email me at if you want to find out if your sister is one of my students.:)